With so many computers to choose from, how do you know which ones are a great deal and which ones are a waste of money? That’s simple. Ask us!
We service a lot of computers both in our store and online, so we see first hand what the different models can and cannot do. Here we list some of the ones we believe will give you the most performance and reliability per dollar.

How do I choose the right computer for me?

We try to offer an option for every budget. It is important to consider what you’ll use the computer for when deciding which one to choose. Many people think they need to get the fastest, most expensive computer with the biggest hard drive and most RAM. If you’re a gamer or you do professional video editing, you may actually need a machine like that. If you want to get on the internet or write that novel, a less expensive machine will suit you just fine.


Speed is at the top of the list for concerns when picking out a computer. Two factors that determine a computer’s speed are the processor (CPU) and hard drive or solid-state drive (HDD or SSD). Benchmarks are good indications of CPU speed. You can visit websites like to see how models stack up. They test CPUs with the PassMark Performance Test and assign them a score based on the average results. The higher the score, the faster the CPU. We include the PassMark CPU scores on all of the listed computers.

The type of storage drive used also plays a role in the speed of a computer. Hard drives are slowly being replaced by solid state drives. Solid-state drives don’t have moving parts in them and are much faster than mechanical hard drives. We strongly recommend using a solid-state drive.