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Doing what we do, exposes us to a lot of computers, software, services & gadgets. There are some we love, some that are meh, and some that make us scream bad words and break things.
In the interest of staying on a positive message here, we will only tell you about some of the things we love.
Follow the links below and take a look at some of the stuff we think you’ll love too.

Computers We Recommend

Withso manycomputers to choose from, how do you know which ones are a great deal and which ones are a waste of money? That’s simple. Ask us! We servicea lotof computers both in our store and online, so we see first hand what the different models can and cannot do. Here we list some of the ones we believe will give you the most performance and reliability per dollar.

Software We Recommend

We maintain a list of free software that we love to make it easier for you to find and download without searching the internet and potentially finding a fake version or a malware site. Check out our list by following the link.

Apps We Recommend

We all love our mobile devices. They help keep us connected to the rest of the world. With the vast selection of apps available for mobile devices, they can do so much more. There are more apps out there than just Clash of Candy, many make life easier and improve productivity. Here are some of the apps we love at Intercomm Networking.

Services We Recommend

With more than a decade of working in tech, we have met some amazing friends and have developed partnerships and affiliations with other organizations we believe in. On this page you will find a list of our affiliates. We have personally worked with these organizations and used their products and services.